A Different Kind of Community

Central Indiana’s Duke Homes has been developing subdivisions for over 25 years and is now bringing Indy its first Wellness Lifestyle Community. As reported by Fast Company, wellness lifestyle community real estate is growing at a fast 6.4% annually and is a welcome alternative to outdated and unsustainable models like golf communities. The purpose of these communities is to facilitate a stronger connection to nature and people, as well as encourage more physical activity (ref).

As an advocate for healthy families and flourishing communities, Mike Duke and team do as much as possible to do business with a purpose and to make an impact. Now, that mission is being poured into their newest project, Aberdeen.

The new upscale subdivision is located in the thriving Center Grove area and has over 180 large lots. Most of the homesites are located around the 3 lakes or within its wooded terrain.

In addition to the sprawling lots that offer more breathing room, Aberdeen has over 100 acres set aside as common space and lake space for future residents. After all, research consistently shows that green space positively affects one’s wellness. Time reported in 2017 that “over the years, scientists have shown that nature can provide stress relief, increase social interaction, encourage physical exercise and even help soothe mental illness.”

It is also about quality of green space, not just about quantity. Duke believes life is better together, which is why the naturally beautiful landscape will be packed full of gathering points and community places built for activity and interaction. Among other things, plans include trails that stretch along a lake and woods, gathering spaces along the trails and throughout the common areas, sports courts, edible agrihood spots, and community buildings.

Although Aberdeen is Indy’s first wellness lifestyle community, Duke doesn’t expect there to be anything else like it for a long time. “There really aren’t many places left that offer such a beautiful landscape in an already thriving area while also having such easy access to major destinations,” Duke said. This in addition to the rarity for a developer to put this much purpose into a site makes Aberdeen a truly one-of-a-kind place.

Lot reservations for Aberdeen are now available at AberdeenLiving.com