Custom Homes


Best of the Best


Aberdeen is a custom home community where excellent craftsmanship and long-term quality are top-of-mind.

Aberdeen has carefully selected and invited only the best of the best local home builders to be a part of this one-of-a-kind neighborhood to ensure that every home is uniquely crafted with timeless design and a personal touch.

Since every home in Aberdeen will be a custom home, you can expect that no two homes will be the same and that every home is designed with high standards and with its specific lot in mind.

Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes information on square foot requirements.




High quality homes in a high quality community deserve high quality windows, and that is what you get with Andersen. The Andersen 400 Series window is the clad window of choice in high end homes, so be sure to ask your home builder to build your home with Andersen Windows when building in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is a proud supporter of Andersen not only because of the high quality product, but because of Andersen’s commitment to Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability. For more than a century, the company has given back to the communities where its employees live and work through volunteerism and sponsorships, and has also focused on meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations through its business practices. Learn more about Andersen’s Corporate Citizenship by clicking here or their Sustainability efforts by clicking here.


Approved Builders

These high-quality custom home builders were the select few who passed Aberdeen's vetting process, who committed to Aberdeen's mission, and who met the approved builder requirements. We are excited and honored to be working with the best of the best.

Aberdeen Builder Group

The following builders are a select group of builders who passed Aberdeen’s vetting process, have committed to Aberdeen’s mission, and are in process of meeting Aberdeen’s builder requirements. These builders are currently allowed to represent and build in Aberdeen and are regarded as high-quality builders. We expect them to become approved builders soon.