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All that Aberdeen has to offer comes from the belief that strong family units and active community are intrinsically vital for an individual’s well being. This is why the amenities at Aberdeen are primarily focused on cultivating connection to people and nature.




Although already located in one of the safest towns in Indiana, Aberdeen takes it one step further since safety is a foundational element that is necessary for individuals, families, and communities to thrive. To provide that extra layer of security to keep loved ones safe and for peace of mind, Aberdeen will have gated entries and an operating guardhouse among other safety features.



Scattered throughout Aberdeen -- inside the green spaces, along the lakes, and within the woods -- are amenities that encourage connection. The trails are a large part of that as they usher residents into the natural beauty of Aberdeen and lead to other amenities onsite.

The trails will connect to sidewalks, extending the paths within Aberdeen and will wind along lakes and through the woods. Built into the trails will be places to rest, have conversation, or simply take in the surroundings.



Aberdeen has 3 lakes planned, two of which are pre-existing. All 3 lakes will be fully stocked and open to the residents for fishing and boating (human propelled watercrafts only). Whether residents want to be active or simply watch the sun set over the beautiful waters, the lakes set the stage for Aberdeen’s luxurious setting.




Two outdoor sports courts will be available for resident use. These courts will likely be tennis and basketball courts with the ability to transform them for additional uses.




Across the road from the sports courts and next to one of the lakes will be 2 community buildings. Current plans for one building to be outdoor oriented and one building to be indoor oriented. Both buildings will be open for resident use and community programmed activities. The indoor facility plans to have a golf simulator as well.




As an avenue to engage nature through more than just observation, Aberdeen’s agrihood areas will provide opportunities to get hands-on through cultivating, harvesting, or partaking of various fruits and vegetables grown in common areas. This farm-to-table amenity will likely include more perennials than not in order to limit required maintenance.




From providing more space to breathe and serene settings to rest to gathering spots for more human interaction in an ever-more digital world, Aberdeen is for those who seek deeper experiences. The gathering spots within Aberdeen will vary in type and location, but will ultimately be built to cultivate connection between residents, their families, and their friends. Some examples of these spaces include sitting areas along the trails and lakes, as well as a gathering space in the center of the round-a-bout.




Along with having wooded areas and lakes, Aberdeen will provide plenty of open green space to create the needed feeling of margin. This space will be available for the creativity of residents, whether it be playing soccer, flying kites, playing croquet, or walking a furry friend, the green spaces are available for residents to be free.



For those that need that little extra push to get out, talk with neighbors, and have some fun, Aberdeen will provide programmed activities. Programming will vary in type and frequency and will ultimately be open for residents to decide what they prefer, but some early conceptions include food truck Fridays, summer movie series or concerts on the lawn, occasional fitness classes in the community building, as well as other agriculture and kids activities. The sky is the limit!